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Living In Chicago

Given that I’ll be heading back to Indiana tomorrow, might as well reflect on how my Summer was. <Disclaimer> This is will not be about Argonne, at all. I am still figuring out how to write about that. </Disclaimer> So, I have now spent three months in the bustling metropolis of Chicago. Technically, I have […]

Storage in Windows Server

Recently, I had to rebuild my main storage array, and in doing so, I tested a few things out. Here’s what happened: Pretext: I have never claimed to be the smartest person ever, but I made some really bone-headed decisions for a storage array. First off, I have been using FreeNAS since version 7.0. Its […]


When I first heard that I was going to be writing code for the entire Summer, I wasn’t concerned, until I found out it was FORTRAN. What comes to mind when you think of FORTRAN? When I thought of it originally, it meant punch cards and the two button keyboard. It had gone to the […]

Back to it!

This post is going to be a bit rambly, but you’ll have to forgive me, there’s been a lot to happen recently. Two things right off the bat: I’d like to thank my friend Ivan from Argonne for bugging the hell out of me to put this website back online. I have no idea why […]

Site Maintenance

This site will be down 3/12/2019 and maybe 3/13/2019 due to a power outage scheduled by Purdue’s housing authority at my dorm. Sorry for any inconvenience this will cause you. -Tony

A Cheap Battery

Powering a robotic system is pretty easy, but doing it cheaply is much harder. Recently, I had to find a power source for a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, a few sensors, and a few motors. The first place I went to look was a hobby shop. Their prices were ludicrous. Being a poor college student, I […]

A Robotic Chassis Design

In this post, I want to design a simple robotic platform for testing some software. I may have to use ROS (Robotic Operating System) soon, and while I have used it before, I have never built a system from the ground up using it. Therefore, I have designed this chassis for development. This design has […]

A Quick Update

I have been ludicrously busy recently, But I might as well post here because the website has been desolate for a time. That is not because there has been no work done to the site, but because it has all been backend work. HTTPS has been implemented, which I am especially proud of. Recent security […]

An SLA Air Intake

I am including a write-up of this part because it took a lot of time to do properly and I am proud of how it turned out. Working in 3DPC as a lab supervisor, I often get approached with projects that seem impossible to do given our resources. This was one of them. A friend […]

Engineering with Ubuntu

As an Mechanical Engineering student, I use computers constantly, so having one that works consistently is of paramount importance. I loved Windows 7. It just worked, all the time. But then Windows 8 decided it favored aesthetic to performance. Finally, Windows 10 stumbled in saying “Hold my beer” and blacked out onto a table, forgetting […]