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This website is built by, run for, and hosted by Anthony James Kramer for the express purpose of letting others keep tabs on myself and also on the things I enjoy.

Short Introduction

I am currently a Mechanical Engineering (BSME) student at Purdue University. This is the main reason for the URL of this website. Purdue engineering is hard. I enjoy 3D Printing, Low-Level Electronics, and Computers in General. While I may be going to school for ME, I am also trying to learn other subjects that I am interested in because, well, why not? I am an expert in computer hardware and 3D printing, proficient in MATLAB, Autodesk Inventor, machine design and micro-controllers, while also being good at general programming and traditional machining. I am kinda bad at writing and graphic design, so enjoy this mess of a website. It took me a while.

The projects tab includes blog-style posts made by me to help others who are attempting to do the same thing as I am. Disclaimer, I am the kind of guy how does what it takes, no matter what warranties or policies I’m breaking, so take my advice or instructions with a grain of salt.

My Resume, (outdated) feel free to take a look if you are interested.

The Picture above was taken by the Purdue Exponent when I was a participant at Purdue’s EcoMake Challenge, which my team later won. Most pictures on this site are taken from my personal Instagram, which is linked to on this site as well.